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Sushi Bake

If you share my passion for sushi, you’re bound to adore this simple sushi bake! Essentially, it’s a deconstructed version of sushi arranged in layers within a baking dish. The ingredients listed are my personal favorites for a sushi bake. Feel free to replace any that you’re not fond of with those you prefer. This […]

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Keto Easter Cupcakes

These keto cupcakes are exceptionally soft and fluffy, crowned with a sugar-free cream cheese frosting. They are not only simple to prepare but also quick to assemble. In just 25 minutes, you can create these keto cupcakes from scratch. However, the most impressive aspect is that each cupcake contains fewer than 2 NET CARBS, frosting […]

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Keto and GF Pancakes

If you’re looking to indulge in a delicious breakfast that aligns with your ketogenic diet, these keto pancakes are the perfect fit. Not only are they satisfyingly thick and airy, but they also require only 5 straightforward ingredients that you likely already have at your disposal. The beauty of this recipe is that it completely […]

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Baked Lobster Tail

Savor the luxurious taste of baked lobster tails, accompanied by a rich garlic butter sauce. This dish is simple and quick to prepare, making it an ideal choice for celebratory occasions. Present it with slices of lemon and a garnish of fresh parsley for an impressive display that’s sure to impress your guests. Plus, you […]

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Chicken Cordon Bleu

Are you searching for a sumptuous, low-carb meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor and elegance? Look no further, as this Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe is not just keto-friendly and gluten-free—it’s an absolute crowd-pleaser that’s sure to impress at any dining table. Overflowing with savory ham and rich, melted cheese, each bite is a delicious celebration. […]

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Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee Creamer

WHAT IS THE TASTE OF IRISH CREAM? The taste of Irish Cream is a nutty, chocolate, and vanilla flavor. It’s definitely one of my favorite flavors to add to my coffee. You can enjoy it so much more often than just on St. Patrick’s Day. This recipe will replace the alcoholic beverages in this drink. There […]

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National Apple Day- Cinnamon Apples

These Cinnamon Apples taste like a warm apple pie, but they come together in 15 minutes on the stovetop! These cinnamon apples recipe makes a perfect breakfast, pancake topper, snack, or light dessert. I am telling you when you make this, you will want this handy at all times. I do make a big batch […]

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