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Savory Seasoning Blends

Walking down the spice isle at your local grocery store can be overwhelming-so many spices to choose from. Here’s a trick that will help simplify your choices and make room in you cupboard. ​I love creating my own spices and honestly it tastes so much better. Plus you can make it your own way like dairy […]

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Homemade Blackened Seasoning

Blackened Seasoning is a flavorful spice that will elevate almost any protein! Spicy (but not too spicy) this mix is great on any fish like salmon, steak, chicken and more! What You Will Need paprika: feel free to use a smoked paprika here if you want add even more depth to this spice. onion powder […]

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Frango no Espeto

When I made the Chicken Shawarma, I though using the same method making my Franco no Espeto (in Portuguese) which mean Chicken Shish Kabobs with a twist. All I can say it was out of this world and the house smelled so good. The set up of this one is the same way when I […]

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Asian Salad Dressing

This Asian salad dressing is simple, tangy and so delicious! Made with sesame oil, rice vinegar, honey and soy sauce, it is great on any type of salad. A good salad dressing is really what brings ‘life’ to a salad. Making your own dressing from scratch might sound like extra work, but it really only […]

All Recipes Marinades, Brines, Rubs, Glazes and Seasonings

Portuguese Spice Mix

In the islands of Azores, my grandmother taught my mom of creating different kind of spices for meats, veggies and teas. Then when she came to America, my mom continued using those spices that her mom taught her but she started experiment other spices to create her very own. I have been doing this too. […]

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