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20 Staples for your Freezer

Freezer staples with allow you to always make a healthy meal. Keeping some key ingredients in your freezer will facilitate making a quick, nutritious dinner or lunch. You’ll reduce food waste by only thawing what you need and save money if you buy extra items while they’re on sale or buy them in bulk from […]

All Recipes How-To's Tips and Techiniques

Guide To Wash Your Produce

I remember when my grandparents had a garden when I was growing in Massachusetts. We had so much fruit and veggies. The fruit and veggies tasted so good, juicy and untouched from chemicals. Now these days, there is so much stuff on it that you have to wash your produce every time you purchase them […]

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Do’s and Don’ts on How to Roast a Turkey

After 25+ years of roasting turkeys for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year meals, I’ve tried pretty much everything.  I’ve bought turkeys that were fresh, frozen, pre-brined, self-basting, young, organic, big, small. You name it–I’ve tried it. I’ve brined, basted, not basted, cooked the whole bird in a bag, stuffed, unstuffed, dry rubbed–always in pursuit of the […]

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Oven Temperature Conversion

This chart reference can be used for gas and electric oven temperatures. Charts include approximate oven temperature conversions for Fahrenheit, Celsius, Celsius (fan-assisted) and gas mark. Gas Mark FAHRENHEIT (DEGREES F) CELSIUS (DEGREES C) CELSIUS (Fan) Heat Levels 1/4 225 110 100 Very Slow 1/2 250 120 110 1 275 135 125 Slow 2 300 150 […]

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How to make cauliflower rice

Low-carb fans are absolutely nuts about cauliflower rice, the grain look-alike that can be swapped into many traditional rice recipes, cutting the cooking time by half. Its less expensive to make your own and use it for many dishes for your next recipe that has rice in it. Honestly cauliflower is used is so many […]

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How To Clean a Wooden Cutting Board with Lemon and Salt

I love to cook and bake the equipment, utensils and and surfaces need cleaning at least once a week especially your wooden cutting board. I also clean my butcher block-top table that I use 90% of the time when I prep the food and desserts I make for that day. Some clean their surfaces once […]

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