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National Apple Day- Cinnamon Apples

These Cinnamon Apples taste like a warm apple pie, but they come together in 15 minutes on the stovetop! These cinnamon apples recipe makes a perfect breakfast, pancake topper, snack, or light dessert. I am telling you when you make this, you will want this handy at all times. I do make a big batch […]

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Lets Talk About Cereals (National Cereal Day)

There’s no better day than March 7 to enjoy a bowl of cereal for breakfast. It’s the National Cereal Day after all!  Since the end of the 19th Century, cereal has become almost a staple in American household’s breakfast table. For some, not only has cereal become their go-to food to jumpstart their day, they […]

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Healthy Valentine Day Food Ideas

Just because a holiday is known for decadence and indulgence doesn’t mean you have to ruin your diet to celebrate it. Here are our favorite healthy Valentine’s day desserts and food that won’t destroy your diet. Baby Back Ribs with Creole Blackened Rub Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks, Desserts and Appetizer Ideas

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Sweet and Savory Chaffle Mini Cake

This mini cake is great for the holidays. Its made the very best Italian Cream with coconut and walnuts than dipped in chocolate- Wow! What a treat! This recipe makes about 8 mini waffles or you can use a large waffle maker and it will render about 3 to 4 waffles!  Feel free to cut the […]

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Pumpkin Muffins (Coconut Flour)

Delicious keto pumpkin muffins are made with just a few simple ingredients. They are fluffy, tasty, and very filling! These muffins are grain free, gluten free, keto, and dairy free. These muffins are so fluffy and delicious. They are made with a simple list of ingredients: coconut flour, eggs, pureed pumpkin, and spices. The recipe […]

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Chocolate Granola Bars

This easy, sugar free low carb granola bars recipe takes just 30 minutes BEST HOMEMADE KETO GRANOLA BAR RECIPE The chocolate granola bars are delicious and healthy. This healthy homemade granola recipe can be 100% adjusted to your taste, but this recipe is still a good starting point to make your best granola recipe ever. It’s […]

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