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20 Staples for your Freezer

Freezer staples with allow you to always make a healthy meal. Keeping some key ingredients in your freezer will facilitate making a quick, nutritious dinner or lunch. You’ll reduce food waste by only thawing what you need and save money if you buy extra items while they’re on sale or buy them in bulk from […]

All Recipes How-To's Tips and Techiniques

Freezing Guide

There is lots of book on this subject of freezing, some are really good but others make you buy expensive proper packaging to freeze your foods. I don’t have a vacuum sealed machine, I use containers, sealed bags, canning jars, and even baking dishes and pans. I know you already own one or all of […]

All Recipes How-To's Tips and Techiniques

Guide To Wash Your Produce

I remember when my grandparents had a garden when I was growing in Massachusetts. We had so much fruit and veggies. The fruit and veggies tasted so good, juicy and untouched from chemicals. Now these days, there is so much stuff on it that you have to wash your produce every time you purchase them […]

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How To Make Sugar Free Brown Sugar

This brown sugar tastes and feels just like brown sugar, but it’s low carb and the perfect substitute! Made with a few ingredients, it’s perfectly fluffy and can be as dark or light as you like!   How do you make brown sugar? The Ingredients- version one Granulated sweetener of choice– A combination of allulose […]

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Oven Temperature Conversion

This chart reference can be used for gas and electric oven temperatures. Charts include approximate oven temperature conversions for Fahrenheit, Celsius, Celsius (fan-assisted) and gas mark. Gas Mark FAHRENHEIT (DEGREES F) CELSIUS (DEGREES C) CELSIUS (Fan) Heat Levels 1/4 225 110 100 Very Slow 1/2 250 120 110 1 275 135 125 Slow 2 300 150 […]

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