Mac and Cheese is the king of comfort foods, the dominant dish of America, and a favorite of all ages all over the country: Macaroni and cheese. Golden and gooey, baked and hearty, this sideline staple or main dish can be served up any number of ways, and on July 14, you’ll have the opportunity to try as many of these as you can on National Mac and Cheese Day, also known as National Macaroni and Cheese Day.

Mac and Cheese
mac and cheese

Timeline how Mac and Cheese came about.


First published recipe of macaroni and cheese appeared in Elizabeth Raffald’s The Experienced English Housekeeper.


Thomas Jefferson served macaroni and cheese at a state dinner after importing pasta and Parmesan cheese from Europe.


Kraft Foods introduced boxed macaroni and cheese, which became a popular and affordable meal during the Great Depression and World War II.

Here are some recipes you can try out today.

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