TikTok White Claw Slushies

TikTok White Claw Slushies

Brace yourself, people. Get ready for TikTok’s latest gift to the world: White Claw slushies. It’s a ridiculously easy recipe that went viral fast with good reason. Here’s how to make White Claw slushies cocktails. I will meet you at the pool.

TikTok White Claw Slushies


It doesn’t get simpler than a three-ingredient cocktail. Especially one that’s totally customizable. All you need is ice, frozen fruit, White Claw and hard liquor. Yup, it’s that easy. Choose any flavor of White Claw and fruit you want, and you’re in business.

Most popular variations of the slushie use vodka as the hard liquor, which is a great choice because it’s a pretty neutral spirit. But light rum and silver tequila could work too. If you don’t want to go *too* hard just yet, you can skip the liquor and add ginger ale.

Strawberry White Claw Slushie- 
frozen whole strawberries, two cans of White Claw Raspberry, and vodka. Finally, mix it all up in a blender.


  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh fruit
  • 1 can White Claw, any flavor
  • 1-2 ounces vodka (optional; add or subtract to taste) or ginger ale

Step 1: Put the ice in the blender.

Step 2: Add the frozen fruit, then the White Claw and vodka.

Step 3: Blend until smooth.

Mixed Berry White Claw Slushie-
frozen mixed berries, two teaspoons of sugar alternative, a half-ounce of lemon juice, a can of White Claw Cherry and one shot vodka


As easy as this recipe is, it helps to know how to get your slushie just right. Here are a few pointers that’ll help you blend any cocktail like a pro:

  • Using small ice cubes, crushed ice or ice chips helps get that slushie mouthfeel you want. In general, there should be about twice as much ice as liquid in the blender to get the right consistency. For White Claw slushies, you can likely use a little less ice since the fruit is frozen.
  • If you only have large cubes and are worried your blender can’t break them up, smash some up in a plastic bag before blending.
  • Always run the blender on the highest speed to make cocktails. It’ll give the drink a nice, frothy head and break up the ice efficiently. If you’re worried about your blender or its blades, pulse it on low to warm it up before turning up the speed.
  • Check the drink’s consistency between pulses. Over-blending will make it runny.
  • To thin your slushie, add a little water (or heck, an extra splash of White Claw). For an icier texture, add more ice.

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