Instant Pot- love or leave it ?

Instant Pot- love or leave it ?

Love it or leave it

Lets talk about Instant Pots- love it or leave it?

An Instant Pot is a very efficient device that performs various functions at one time. It can be a rice cooker, steamer, pressure cooker, slow cooker, warming pot, stew and soup maker and some can even make yogurt. The Instant Pot speeds up the factor of 10 and uses about 70% less energy than some you have already at home.

If you are looking for something that can give you various functions , speeds and uses less energy than traditional appliances, then this is the one for you. Its very efficient, time saving and used by millions of people around the world. If you are busy person and lack of time to prepare homemade meals, then the Instant Pot is just for you.

The Instant Pot has a seal with a locking lid that prevents steam from escaping, and so the pressure inside pot increases, which increases the boiling point of water. The higher pressure and temperature leads to quicker cooking.

Benefits of an Instant Pot

  • Meals are cooked faster
  • Its safe and reliable experience
  • Energy-efficient appliance
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • The removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Reduces cooking time
  • Healthy and nutritional meals because the nutrients are locked inside the pot

Tips and Tricks using an Instant Pot

  1. Always add 1/2 cup of more liquid in the pot especially foods that are absorbent like rice and pasta
  2. Cooking time varies. You need to factor in the time takes to build and release pressure. A recipe may list 10 minutes of cook time, but it will require additional time to come up to pressure, and then for the pressure to release (and whether the recipe calls for performing a quick pressure release or allowing for a natural pressure release).
  3. Layer your ingredients to avoid burning. Certain ingredients may burn like thicker sauces, nut butters, tomato-based products (tomato paste, marinara sauce, salsa) as well as cream sauces are not thin enough to build steam. Plus, some sauces may contain fillers like cornstarch and flour that can easily scorch. Just be careful and add more water or layer the ingredients to make it does not happen.
  4. ACCESSORIES LET YOU DO MORE. Use the accessories because it will help you cook up even more great-tasting food.
  5. Store the pot with the lid open.  It will help prevent those funky odors from building up.
  6. Use a wooden spoon to perform quick pressure release. It lets all that piping hot steam out of the valve super fast. To keep your fingers at a safe distance, try using the handle of a mixing spoon to turn the valve to the venting position.

I use the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker as my Instant Pot, Pressure Cooker and more. Here is the link LINK to check out more on this product, if interested.

Pampered Chef Quick Cooker- Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker

Steam release options

There are two options available to release steam. One is the natural release, which allows the steam to escape slowly over about 10 minutes (about 15 minutes for the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker) without you doing anything. The other is a quick release in which you release the steam quickly by turning the handle from seal to vent (or push the button on the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker).

How to clean it

  • Some of the inserts and accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Use a non-abrasive sponge to clean the outer and inner parts of the Instant Pot (or Quick Cooker)
  • Deodorize the ring by soaking it in vinegar and water and dry it after with soft cloth

Important Notice – the unit should always be kept dry, so never ever submerge it in water. If you need to clean it, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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