First Day of Autumn falls on September 23 this year. When the autumnal equinox arrives in September each year, we greet the arrival of the autumn season. Daylight hours will diminish for us in the Northern Hemisphere as the sun begins to cross the equator. No more long summer nights, weather will change, football and hockey season and bring out the sweatshirts. But the best is yummy foods like apple pie, soups, breads and so much more.

autumn or fall

When it starts to cool off outside, I immediately bake more. Fresh baked breads, rolls, and cakes are some of my favorites to make when it’s cool outside. Not only does baking make your house smell amazing, but enjoying all the homemade baked goods is so satisfying!

I’ve got a few of the best fall recipes to help inspire you to cook all season long!

mug of pumpkin latte

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