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Dinner Parties are an excellent way to let the host/hostess focus on enjoying the party rather than constantly preparing meals. When giving a catered dinner party, people will find many kinds of catering options. It helps to think about the specifics of the party before deciding on a catering plan. I will create an amazing menu with you that will exceedingly and please the taste buds while accommodating special dietary needs.

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I have been cooking for hungry people like you for many years! I believe that great service is key. My service stands out from others because I actually care and I want you to have a truly wonderful experience. You will enjoy delicious home cooked meal that is a healthy alternative.

In addition to personalized dinners and events, I offer cooking classes. Teaching folks the many ways to cook things better is a love that I have and it’s what I do. As a chef, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my services by simply cooking and learning everything there is to learn about this wonderful trade as a student of life. Talk to me. Let’s make an unforgettable event together.

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Contact me at 978-987-4248 or head over to the Contact Page and let’s make this happen.