Daily Food Holidays February 2024

Daily Food Holidays February 2024

Let’s embark on a culinary adventure as we celebrate the delectable foods of February. Whether you’re following a gluten-free, keto, vegan, or dairy-free lifestyle, these recipes are designed to delight your taste buds. Feel free to try them out and share your culinary creations with us!

February Monthly Food Holidays

National Pie Month – February
National Chocolate Lovers’ Month – February
National Grapefruit Month – February
National Potato Lovers Month – February
National Hot Breakfast Month – February
National Canned Food Month – February

February Daily Food Holidays

February 1National Baked Alaska DayUnited States
February 2National Tater Tot DayUnited States
February 2Bubble Gum Day
(First Friday in February)
United States
February 2Chandeleur DayFrance
February 2Heavenly Hash DayUnited States
February 3National Carrot Cake DayBrazil
February 3Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
(First Saturday of February)
United States
February 4Pork Rind Appreciation Day
(First Sunday in February)
United States
February 4Homemade Soup DayUnited States
February 4National Yorkshire Pudding Day
(First Sunday in February)
United Kingdom
February 4National Stuffed Mushroom DayUnited States
February 5National Chocolate Fondue DaySwitzerland
February 5World Nutella Day
(Global celebration)
February 6National Frozen Yogurt DayUnited States
February 6National Chopsticks DayChina and Asian communities
February 7National Fettuccine Alfredo DayItaly
February 8Chocolate Cheesecake Day
February 8International Pizza Day
February 8Molasses Bar DayUnited States
February 9Food Freedom DayCanada
February 9National Bagels and Lox DayUnited States
February 9Pizza Pie DayItaly
February 10Cream Cheese Brownie DayUnited States
February 11Peppermint Patty DayUnited States
February 12Oatmeal Monday
(Second Monday of February)
United States
February 12National Plum Pudding DayUnited Kingdom
February 13National Tortellini DayItaly
February 14National Cream-Filled Chocolates DayVarious countries celebrating Valentine’s Day
February 15National “I Want Butterscotch” DayUnited States
February 15National Gumdrop DayUnited States
February 16National Tartar Sauce Day
(Celebrated on the Friday after Lent)
United States
February 16National Almond DayUnited States
February 17National Indian Pudding DayUnited States
February 18National Drink Wine Day
(Various wine-loving nations)
February 19National Chocolate Mint DayWorldwide
February 20National Cherry Pie DayUnited States
February 21National Sticky Bun DayUnited States
February 22National Chili Day
(The fourth Thursday in February)
United States
February 22National Margarita DayMexico and cocktail enthusiasts
February 22National Cook a Sweet Potato DayUnited States
February 23National Banana Bread DayUnited States
February 23Jamaican Patty DayCanada
February 24National Cupcake DayCanada
February 24National Tortilla Chip DayMexico and United States
February 25National Chocolate Covered Nuts DayWorldwide
February 25National Clam Chowder DayUnited States
February 25National Pancake Day (IHOP)United States
February 26National Personal Chefs DayUnited States
February 26National Pistachio DayMiddle East and Mediterranean Regions
February 27National Khachapuri DayGeorgia
February 27National Strawberry DayUnited States
February 28National Chocolate Souffle DayFrance
February 29Surf and Turf Day
(celebrated every leap year)
February 29National Frog Legs Day
(celebrated every leap year)
Remember, these food holidays are all about celebrating flavors and enjoying culinary delights. Bon appétit! 🍴✨

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