Cinco De Mayo Favorites

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Cinco De Mayo Favorites

Happy Cinco De Mayo

I love food that has an authentic taste with rich spices and heat. Today is Cinco de Mayo and that means yummy Mexican food to eat. We usually go out but I always dread looking at the menu and figuring out what I can eat and that it won’t me feel sick. So a few years we started just making food at home. Truthfully the whole family loves it and the best part they love is leftovers.

Here are yummy recipes you can use today

Mango Salsa: Add tomatoes and jalapenos for a spicy mango salsa that will make one of your favorites for any dish

Avocado Cream Sauce : Add 4 tbsp. of your favorite salsa and it so good as side with chips or on your favorite dish.

Spanish Cauliflower Rice: Add veggies, your favorite salsa, beans or pimento and make this explode with amazing flavors

Keto Empanadas: the empanadas can with any favorite meat or all veggies. Its a great way to use up leftovers and dip it with the avocado dip.

Enjoy and let me know if you try of any these.

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