Celebrating May Food Holidays: A Culinary Journey

Celebrating May Food Holidays: A Culinary Journey

May is a delightful month for foodies, offering an array of mouthwatering celebrations. From outdoor picnics to BBQ gatherings, let’s explore the flavorsome food holidays that grace this springtime month. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, there’s something for everyone!

Celebrating May Food Holidays: A Culinary Journey
Celebrating May Food Holidays: A Culinary Journey

National Asparagus Month 🌱

  • Asparagus, when roasted and wrapped in crispy bacon, becomes an irresistible treat. Try it as a side dish or incorporate it into salads for a burst of freshness.

National Barbecue Month 🍗

  • May marks the beginning of several months of outdoor grilling. Fire up the grill and savor juicy burgers, spareribs, and flavorful roasts. Don’t forget the tangy barbecue sauce!

National Chocolate Custard Month 🍫

  • Indulge in the best of both worlds: creamy custard with a chocolate twist. It’s light enough for spring yet rich enough to satisfy your sweet cravings.

National Egg Month 🥚

  • Deviled eggs are the star of outdoor parties. Whip up a big plate of these savory delights for your next gathering. The classic combination of mayo, mustard, and paprika never disappoints.

National Hamburger Month 🍔

  • How many ways can you grill a burger? Get creative with toppings, from gooey cheese to caramelized onions. The perfect patty awaits!

National Mediterranean Diet Month 🌿

  • Clean eating and healthy living take center stage. Explore Mediterranean-inspired dishes—think olive oil, fresh herbs, and vibrant veggies.

National Salad Month 🥗

  • Elevate your salad game with new recipes. From leafy greens to grain-based salads, there’s no shortage of options. Perfect for potlucks and picnics!

National Salsa Month 🌶️

  • On Cinco de Mayo and every day, Americans love salsa. Whether mild or fiery, pair it with tortilla chips or use it as a zesty topping.

National Strawberry Month 🍓

  • Strawberry shortcake, anyone? These juicy berries are the epitome of spring. Enjoy them fresh, in desserts, or as part of refreshing beverages.

National Beef Month 🥩

  • Burgers, spare ribs, roasts—beef shines on the grill. Experiment with marinades and rubs for a flavor-packed experience.

National Loaded Potato Month 🥔

  • Twice-baked potatoes take comfort food to the next level. Load them up with cheese, chives, and crispy bacon for a satisfying side dish.

Remember, these food holidays are more than just dates on the calendar—they’re an invitation to celebrate life’s simple pleasures through delicious bites. So, fire up the grill, gather your loved ones, and savor the flavors of May!

May Daily Food Holidays

May 1National Chocolate Parfait DayUnited States
May 2National Truffles DayBelgium
May 2World Tuna DayWorldwide
May 3National Raspberry Popover DayUnited States
May 4Star Wars DayUnited States
May 4National Candied Orange Peel DayUnited States
May 5National Chocolate Custard DayWorldwide
May 5National Hoagie DayUnited States
May 5Cinco De MayoMexico
May 5Salsa DayMexico
May 6National Crepes Suzette DayFrance
May 7National Herb Day United States
May 8National Coconut Cream Pie DayUnited States
May 8National Empanada DaySpain and Latin America
May 9National Foodies DayUnited States
May 10National Shrimp DayWorldwide
May 11Eat What You Want DayWorldwide
May 12Mother’s Day United States
May 13International Hummus DayMiddle East
May 13National Apple Pie DayUnited States
May 13National Fruit Cocktail DayUnited States
May 14National Buttermilk Biscuit DayUnited States
May 15National Chocolate Chip DayUnited States
May 16International Pickle DayWorldwide
May 16National Coquilles St. Jacques DayFrance
May 16National BBQ DayUnited States
May 17National Pizza Party Day
(Third Friday in May)
United States
May 17National Cherry Cobbler DayUnited States
May 17World Baking DayWorldwide
May 18I Love Reese’s DayUnited States
May 18National Marshmallow DayAustralia
May 18National Cheese Souffle DayFrance
May 19National Devil’s Food Cake DayUnited States
May 20Pick Strawberries DayWorldwide
May 21Eat More Fruits & Vegetables DayUnited States
May 21National Strawberries and Cream DayUnited Kingdom
May 21National Waiters and Waitresses DayUnited States
May 22National Vanilla Pudding DayWorldwide
May 23National Taffy DayUnited States
May 24Asparagus DayWorldwide
May 24National Escargot DayFrance
May 25National Wine Day
May 25Carb DayUnited States
May 25National Brown-Bag-It DayUnited States
May 26National Blueberry Cheesecake DayUnited States
May 26National Cherry Dessert DayUnited States
May 27National Italian Beef DayUnited States
May 27National Grape Popsicle DayUnited States
May 28National Brisket DayUnited States
May 28National Hamburger DayWorldwide
May 29National Coq Au Vin DayFrance
May 30National Mint Julep DayUnited States
May 31National Macaroon DayFrance

I will be posting some favorite recipes of mine during the month of May

What are some of your favorite ones from the list above?

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